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Här är vår integritetspolicy.

1. Introduction

By offering registered users to create their own guide collections and choose between many ways to instruct and keep in touch, the HappyToHelp app offers an easy-to-use option for people who facultatively wants to share ideas with others, help friends and family as well as strangers with everything they want. Keep in mind, that content, which has been shared, posted, edited or linked, are never fully safe in any places of the internet, despite being called encrypted.


HappyToHelp does not take any account for information that might have been leaked. The information stored is not directly supposed to be linked to the users identity but is unfortunately able to be used by anyone else aware of these wanting to determine someone’s identity. For example using an email that is connected to any external services like google or a bank account. HappyToHelp does not support nor take account for any of such actions. 

Moreover, HappyToHelp does not share any information or credentials, including videos, graphics, text, messages or any other data that we fetch for the app to fulfil its purpose and increase the user experience.


2. Payments and In-App-Purchases

In order to get access all the features and tolls, a membership is required. The membership is being purchased as a one time in-app-purchase. By purchasing a membership, the user automatically becomes an ”Admin” and gets his or her access to extended features, listed in the app itself and on the website Any errors that the user might think is directly connected with the app, should be reported to HappyToHelp.


3. User Account

For all data, whatever is typed as input by the user, the given data will be stored in a secure database and does not get verified and controlled by the app, unless HappyToHelp assess the given data to be inappropriate for the app use case or go against our Terms and Conditions ( 


For the app the downloadable, a smartphone supporting App Store is required. In order to maintain the compatibility, frequently check if there are any available updates, and make sure that the phone does run the latest version of the HappyToHelp app.


3.1 Name

The name of the user is not being stored anywhere else but in the database. The name can be changed by the user within frame of the app’s capacity and capability. The user is free to choose whatever name he or her wants, except for names containing inappropriate words or expressions. In such case, the name might be change or deleted, or in worse cases, the user might deleted.


3.1.2 Company Name

The company name is not being stored anywhere else but in the database. The name can be changed by the user unlimited numbers of times. The user is free to choose whatever company name he or her wants, except for names containing inappropriate words or expressions. In such case, the user account might be deleted or suspended.


3.2 Email

HappyToHelp uses the same email address as the one being used when logging in to the chosen login method. If the user choses to use Google as the login method, for example, the app will use the email address that is connected to the given Google account. The email address will only be used in order to send emails to the user. The email address cannot be changed by HappyToHelp in any ways.


4. Videos, Photos and Audio Recordings

All videos, photos and audio recordings, including the profile pictured, are safely stored in a database environment and are not linked to a user’s identity by the app. Videos are only used in reference of steps that are included in collections. They do not get shared with any third party advertisement. The purpose is to improve the user experience and to fulfil the idea of collections. 


5. Additional Data

Saved, shared, created collections and created Teams are only stored in the database. They cannot be linked, verified or get connected to the user’s identity by the app. Written or uploaded data are only saved in order to improve the user experience. The data does not get verified or validated by the app in any way. Data, that we might assess as inappropriate, might be deleted or changed by HappyToHelp.

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